ODC The Next Big Thing In Fruit Cider

18th October 2017Press Releases

Hear the roar of ODC as it pounces into the market with its range of bottled fruit ciders.

Midlands based ODC is releasing two distinctive, delicious, and natural flavours to begin, with bags of personality: Pomegranate Panache and Mango Fandango, made with the highest quality exotic fruit and produced in eyeball grabbing 500ml bottles.

But there are plenty of drinks monkeying around in the jungle aren’t there, I hear you say?

Spokes-tigress Anita C said, “we have created a strong, premium product with bags of natural taste and personality, a real stand out, game changing brand in a crowded ‘me-too’ market place. ODC is not just a drink to be consumed, but a creation to be experienced.”

“Fruit cider is one of the fastest growing sectors in the alcoholic drinks industry with years of growth potential, domestically and internationally. Today’s consumers seek experiences rather than drinks; ODC is just the kind of brand that consumers love to engage with and share.”

The pack behind ODC is the team from Soul Tree – a multi-award winning business with multi-award winning wines, and the brand that has put Indian wine on the map in the United Kingdom and beyond.

“Soul Tree was born out of an innate passion to conquer uncharted waters, to alter perceptions, and, importantly, to give consumers a taste of what they have been missing, It is all about dreams, inspiration, and the future. ODC is just the natural next step in that direction”

The team boasts some serious firepower too: in addition to the experienced and very entrepreneurial executive operational team its non-executive and advisory board includes the likes of Denis O’Flynn, a drinks industry veteran and until recently Managing Director of Pernod Ricard UK; Pavi Binning, a former CFO of Diageo Europe and President and CEO of the George Weston Group – the owners of Canada’s biggest retailer, and closer to home, of Associated British Foods and Selfridges; and renowned Master of Wine Richard Bampfield, perhaps one of the most commercially astute MWs out there.

Now their attentions have expanded to a brand that dares you stand out. Why? Because you were born to do so.

ODC Cider #BornToStandOut 




ODC Mango Fandango 4% ABV Mango Cider RRP: £2.99

Available in 500 ml bottles or 8 x 500ml cases

ODC Pomegranate Panache 4% ABV Pomegranate Cider  RRP: £2.99

Available in 500 ml bottles or 8 x 500ml cases

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